Of course, we are so grateful that with your help, Ben was accepted early decision to Harvard. But the encouragement you provided, and the way you eased our anxiety about the whole process was just as valuable. Thanks to you, we all had a truly enjoyable
senior year.

Harvard '10 Parent


Harvey, when we first called you, we were at our wits end. We knew Heather had enormous potential, but we couldn't figure out how to reach her. You managed to ignite a fire inside her and you made her realize just how special she is. The way you set up a plan and laid everything out step by step made it all so easy. And seeing Heather's face as she read her acceptance letter to Dartmouth, her first choice school, is something I will never forget. You really
are a wizard!

Dartmouth '11 Parent


We thought we might have made a mistake sending Thomas to such a competitive high school, once we realized that all of his classmates were vying for the same few spots at the same top tier schools. But you helped all of us see how unique Thomas is, and you showed us how to present his uniqueness in a way that made him stand out from everybody else. Even with all the competition, Thomas was accepted early decision to Brown, his first
choice school.

Brown '13 Parent


We spent a lot of time agonizing over which college consultant to choose. I think we were drawn to your light hearted attitude. Clearly, you love what you do and your excitement was contagious. Our whole family enjoyed the time we spent together. We really appreciate the way you package SAT prep with admissions consulting; it saved us a lot of money. But the positive changes we have seen in Gabby over the last two years have been priceless. Of course, we are thrilled that she was accepted to Amherst, but the way she has blossomed and developed with your guidance has been an absolute
joy to see.

Amherst '12 Parent


I felt so much pressure going into senior year, and seeing how few students are getting accepted to the ivies made getting into a good school seem almost insurmountable. You really helped me understand the process, and to see things from an admission officer's perspective. That really made all the difference. Once we started working together, it was like a chess game, it was actually fun. And getting accepted to Princeton, Swarthmore and Columbia was the best part of all.

Princeton '14 Student


Harvey, without your SAT tutoring, I never would have even considered applying to the schools I did. My scores went up by 400 points! You really believed in me, and you helped me find abilities I didn't even know I had. You're a wizard, you're a genius and you're a very, very good person. I know Williams is the perfect school for me, and I will be always be grateful to you for helping
me get here.

Williams '13 Student


Sarah Lawrence wasn't on my list of schools when my parents first contacted you, but you had a sense that it would be a good fit for me and you were absolutely right. Even though I dreaded having to write application essays, you showed me how to write from my heart and I ended up really enjoying the process. Not to mention doing some of the best writing
of my life!

S. Lawrence '11 Student


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With Some Top Tier Schools Accepting Less Than 10% Of Applicants For The Class Of 2017, Students Need All The Help They Can Get.

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I know how nerve wracking the college application process can be, both for students and their parents.

As a former Dartmouth District Enrollment Director, I gained an insider's perspective on the entire admissions process. So I can help you unravel the mysteries and put the odds a little bit more in your favor.

In fact, over the last few years 95% of the students I have worked with have been accepted to their first choice school.

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In 2013, my students saw an average SAT score improvement of 430 points. Many saw 500, 600 and even 700 point gains.

As a way of introducing myself, I am offering a series of videos which you can download instantly to your computer. These videos contain the information from my live seminar, Confessions Of An Ivy League Admissions Officer.

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